Sharpen Your Skills for Employment – Matakki x Stylebook

Posted by: Stylebook

Matakki Scissors and Stylebook Education have partnered to bring education for employment workshops to your learners. Get ready to elevate your learner’s professional image, gain valuable job-hunting skills, and offer the best candidates for today’s industry employers!

Topics that will be covered in the employability course:

  • Health and safety in the workplace (practical sessions).
  • Prevention of cross-infection (practical sessions).
  • Understanding ergonomics to prevent injury, and risk assessment at work. (practical sessions).
  • Professional portfolio and CV compilation for employment including the use of the Stylebook platform.
  • Marketing yourself to gain clients and promote your work across social media platforms:
    – How to take images of your work
    – How to construct an engaging bio
  • Promoting products in the workplace to increase profitability through everyday work.
  • Look and learn cutting sessions with a local employer/educator.
  • Real-life mock interview role play with real industry employers.

Further details TBC.